The purpose of Project Dignity of WNC is to provide feminine hygiene and related products to girls and women in Buncombe County and surrounding areas who are homeless, low-income, or victims of domestic abuse.

What We Do

Project Dignity of WNC Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide feminine hygiene products to women and girls in Hendersonville and surrounding areas who might be homeless, low-income, or victims of domestic abuse.


Why Should I Get Involved?

Did you know SNAP or Food Stamps do not allow the purchase of feminine hygiene products? Women and girls are often absent from work and school during their “time of the month” because they don’t have proper personal health products.

How You Can Help

Project Dignity of WNC provides feminine products to 15 agencies and 30 schools in Henderson and Buncombe counties.

Project Dignity of WNC serves 560 women monthly by providing over 5,000 tampons and over 4,000 pads.

Our Latest Work

Project Dignity of WNC
Project Dignity of WNC
Just grabbing one item to donate next time you're at the store helps a lot!
Project Dignity of WNC
Project Dignity of WNC
Barb was recently honored to be the guest speaker for the Volunteer Luncheon at Pardee UNC Health Care. The theme was "Every Moment Makes a Difference". She spoke about her relationship with the Pardee blood bank and the Pardee Cancer Center nurses and about how she decided to start our non-profit, Project Dignity of WNC.

From her speech:
After being in the schools for a full year, we knew we had succeeded in helping the girls when we received a letter from Matthew Gruebmeyer, Director, Student Services, Henderson County Public Schools.
Matt stated:
"Project Dignity helps our students stay in school, having product at school means students don’t have to run to the store, call mom or dad who are likely working or even miss school because students stay home when they want to avoid the embarrassment of being at school without. Finally, being a student is hard enough these days. Project Dignity helps our students to be confident and secure at a time when they might not otherwise feel that way.”

Ladies and gentlemen, be aware of what’s going on around you, don’t pass up the opportunity to have every moment make a difference. Whether it’s simply a smile at a patient that’s just been delivered some bad news about their health, or helping someone who is wandering lost in the hospital or garage. You can make that interface make a difference.

We are proud of you, Barb!